Project Statement

Pandemic at Harvest is a lyrical documentary, linguistic based project showcasing the impact of COVID-19 on agricultural farmers from the east to west coast of the continental United States. Farming is an industry that effects each and every person's lives, yet the work that goes into it is undermined, underfunded, and often under-appreciated. By shooting in different regions it will allow the viewer to peer into the windows of the foreign world (to many) that is the agricultural industry, but also draw conclusions about the importance of what goes into the food we eat. Through environmental portraiture and interview process this human element will transcribe from the photographs to the audience to enhance connection. 

As a whole, it is critical that society pays closer attention to the industry that has the power to sustain and prolong humanity, but just as easily could lead to its genetically modified demise. Farmers should be a center point in all communities. With the rising fear of the pandemic running into all nooks and crannies of this country, the aim is to capture farmers for their important qualities and encourage people to support local, yet sustainable farms.

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